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Welcome to the Central Georgia livejournal community.
This is a community for people who live in the central georgia area.
If you don't live in the area, but you're interested in talking, we welcome you.
let's keep it civil.

[Community Posts]

-in order to be able to post here on 'middlegeorgia', you have to be a member.

-members can post about anything. (shows, ads for related communities, reviews, personal auctions, gripes, events, photos, etc...) as long as it's not terribly off topic.

-do NOT post the same entry over and over. If you want to post the same entry more than once, wait until you can't see it on the first page of posts before posting it again.

-use the lj-cut for entries that are extremely lengthy & please put all photos behind a cut. if something is not work safe, be sure to give warning to that.


-if you post your own personal/contact information, do so at your own risk.

-any entry with questionable content will be edited/deleted if needed.

[Community Comments]

-Anonymous comments are not allowed.

-if there's an entry you've posted and you don't want others to comment on it, use the disable comments feature.

-Be mature if someone posts something you don't agree with.

-Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

[Community Advertisements]

-you can post ad's for personal auctions & yard sales as you would in a newspaper.

-you can post ad's for local businesses, services, and events.

-you can post advertisements for related communities.


-If you have any problems with other members of this site, contact hahayouredead

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